Our Appointment Policy

We ask our families to arrive ten minutes prior to their dental visits to tie up any loose ends, finalize any paperwork and start your child promptly. Please, if you are running behind, contact our office so we may determine if your appointment time needs to be rescheduled. It is in the best interest of your child and our other patients, that all appointment times be met promptly.

Consideration is taken for the scheduling of your child’s appointment. If you require a change to your appointment, please provide us 48 hours notice.

If we are running behind, we will inform you of these delays, as we also are respectful of your time. This may sometimes occur for the consideration of taking in an emergency appointment or a child who is having a hard time during an exam or procedure. We strive to make each child feel comfortable and focus on their individual needs! Please understand that our focus of attention in these situations, may in the future involve your child. We will also provide them the attention and focus they need!

Chevy Chase Pediatric Dentistry does reserve the right to reschedule appointments for late arrivals and if two missed appointments or broken appointments occur consecutively without 48 hours notice, we may be unable to schedule future appointments. Furthermore, we reserve the right to charge for improper cancellation practices.