Who We Are

At Chevy Chase Pediatric Dentistry, your child is the center of all our focus. Upon entering our office, you will immediately notice the difference! Our waiting room is designed to appeal to parents’ needs while allowing proximity to their young ones as they engage in play in the children’s nook. We designed the office as a vibrantly colored loft space for you and your children to feel at home.

Our Philosophy

Here at Chevy Chase Pediatric Dentistry, we recognize that a lifetime of excellent oral health begins with positive early dental experiences. We start by having an office space designed specifically to be the most comfortable atmosphere to meet the needs of our young patients. We introduce our language for all dental instruments in terms kids just get. We “tickle teeth”, use “power washes”, spit into “magic straws”, make “silly smiles” and wear “silly masks”. You get the picture! We strive to engage kids to make a daily activity fun and receive value by them and their caretakers. A trip to the dentist should be fun, after all!